Gabe Chisano

My name is Gabe Chisano and I am the current President of AMA. Outside of my involvement with AMA I have spent time as a Mock Interviewer for the FSU Career Center. I have also been fortunate enough to intern for the JW Marriott, Compass Marketing, 22squared, and Techtronic Industries. I believe gaining real world experience outside of college is extremely valuable to business majors. One piece of advice I would give any undergraduate student is to find a mentor while setting tangible goals throughout college. AMA has been a large part of my college career and I truly believe it has helped prepare me for life in the intimidating place known as The Real World.


Kristin Wynne

Hi my name is Kristin Wynne and I am the Vice President of AMA. I am currently a senior at FSU, majoring in marketing and finance. AMA has given me the chance to network with industry leaders and has provided me with countless opportunities to grow in the business industry. I am excited for what AMA has to offer this year for our members!


Jordan Carlson

I’m Jordan Carlson, and I’m your VP of Programming. I’m a senior, majoring in marketing and finance. I have interned for Boss Tools, JW Cole Financial, and The Black Sheep. I also serve as the VP of Finance for my sorority, Delta Nu Zeta. I have learned so much, gained hands on experience, and met so many peers and professionals through the American Marketing Association FSU. I will be forever grateful to be part of such an amazing organization!


Armondā Davis

I am Armondā Davis, the VP of Finance for AMA this year! Aside from AMA, I’ve had the opportunity to intern at several levels within Florida State’s Powerhouse Sports Program, including Football, Basketball, and the Sports Marketing Department. Along with this, I am truly driven by the spirit of innovation after winning the Florida State Innovation Competition and starting a company on my own! As I continue to diversify my portfolio, I believe that technology and digital analytics is the key to the evolution of marketing within every industry! I encourage those around me to foster that spirit of innovation and acquire skills that increase your value and marketability!

Sara .jpg

Sara Lucas

I’m Sara Lucas, your VP of Internal Communications! I’m a senior, majoring in marketing and finance. I joined AMA after trying out various clubs and I found that AMA was the one most beneficial for my future. AMA was always doing things outside of general body meetings, which stood out to me. I found the exec board and members to be welcoming, and I was able to create new friendships. AMA has helped me grow professionally and as a leader through many great opportunities.


Leah Percal

I’m Leah Percal and I am your VP of External Communications! I’m a junior at FSU, majoring in marketing. AMA has helped me expand my network, and given me countless opportunities to meet and tour companies I could see myself working for. Last summer, I interned for First Commerce Credit Union, and aside from AMA, I am also involved in Greek life and various philanthropies.


Alyssa Smail

I’m Alyssa Smail and I’m your VP of Public Relations! I’m a senior, majoring in marketing, and I’m also involved in the FSU Honors Program, as well as Phi Eta Sigma. AMA is somewhere I felt comfortable from the start, and was able to make friends that I now have close relationships with. So many classes teach you how to run and operate a business, but none give you real life experiences and opportunities to meet professionals like AMA does.

Carlos Falsiroli

Hi, I’m Carlos Falsiroli, and I’m the Director of Seminole Creative. I am currently a junior at FSU, pursuing degrees in marketing and finance. Once I graduate with my MBA, I am interested in working in the sales field. Through hands-on marketing experience, AMA has not only helped me grow as a professional, but also as a leader. It has allowed me to expand my connections with like-minded people who are also seeking new opportunities and hungry for success. I am extremely grateful for the experiences AMA has given me and very excited for the future of this prestigious organization.


Zuzanna Szulc

My name is Zuzanna Szulc and I’m AMA’s VP of Nationals. I am a junior majoring in Marketing, with minors in Spanish and Hispanic Marketing Communications. Joining AMA was one of the best decisions I made at FSU. AMA has not only made me realize that marketing is the right path for me, but it has given me skills and experiences that I will carry with me for many years to come. AMA provides various opportunities to get involved and develop your professional skills, regardless of your major. Aside from AMA, I also work as a Student Brand Ambassador for Kaplan Test Prep, I’m a brother of AKPsi, and I’m involved with the Polish Student Association.


Rosalyn Wilsey

Hi, I’m Rosalyn Wilsey, and I’m the Digital Director for AMA. I am a senior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I love AMA because it helped me figure out who I want to be. I came to college as a meterology majoring thinking it was going to be what I did for the rest of my life. When I realized it wasn’t for me, I was lost as to what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be… and it was terrifying. Then i joined AMA, and it truly helped me realize that marketing is a much better fit for me. This association gives me endless opportunities to achieve and challenge myself, while always pushing to never give up.


Samantha Cavasin

My name is Samantha Cavasin and I am the Creative Director of AMA. I am a junior majoring in Marketing and Advertising, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I’m currently interning with ElleBelle, a local photography studio, and am actively trying to diversify my interests. Joining as a freshman, AMA allowed me to find out more about my niche and interests, and was also a great way to meet friends and mentors. AMA has opened a ton of new doors for me and has definitely helped increase my social and professional network.